It’s all about feedback..


“I very much enjoyed Rebecca's presentation. It related to the issues we have about what we hear in court and what we have to type - it can be very disturbing.   She was an excellent presenter".

"Speaker Rebecca - in relation to work stress.  It was relatable and helpful in dealing and recognising work place stress".

"The skills I learnt and now have to distinguish the difference between a person whinging about their job and a person whinging because they are asking for help.   I find it hard to ask for help not only in my job but also in life as I have always found it a weakness.   Listening to the trauma discussion I found myself and now find myself saying "hey it's OK to ask for help and to be proud I am".

"Rebecca was fantastic, she really hit the spot on how to deal with vicarious trauma".

"Rebecca especially was a highlight.... very engaging and interesting......came across as credible and authentic".

The talk on vicarious trauma was very interesting and relative to the work we do

— CPD on Vicarious Trauma Participants 2015

Rebecca gained my trust immediately with her obvious competence, empathy and gentle strength.  

The first contact was by phone and even in this medium Rebecca  somehow enabled me to feel comfortable talking to her about my upcoming involvement in a very complicated case.   She respectfully and skilfully assisted me to work out what would help to reduce my anxiety and maintain my dignity, composure and personal integrity in a situation that would threaten those things.   

Her experience was clear in the way she provided me with options that included a pretrial visit to the court.   Rebecca's unhurried calm meant that this visit and her explanations about what would happen in court (ie who sits where, how to address the Judge, language) significantly alleviated some basic concerns.

During the trial Rebecca's constant, unflappable and compassionate care meant that I felt both protected and focussed.   Because of Rebecca's restful and grounded presence, the times spent in endless waiting were survived more easily.  She anticipated needs and made clever suggestions that really assisted.   She used the same respectful competence and non judgmental caring in times of my distress.  She understood how to help me cope with complicated feelings while also maintaining clear boundaries.  

The non intrusive support Rebecca gave after my lengthy, often harrowing court appearance also significantly assisted my recover from it.  In addition, even though intensely private issues and feelings were at stake Rebecca somehow managed to show respect for and maintain my privacy.    
Rebecca took on the task of looking after me through a very personal, disturbing and confronting experience.  

She did that and more.  Throughout I felt safe, supported and valued. 

— Witness - SUpreme Civil Adelaide 2014

Rebecca’s assistance in providing support to several witnesses in a major Supreme Court Civil Trial has been of the highest standard and invaluable to my client.

Witness support services whilst well understood in criminal courts are underutilised in civil and commercial cases. Litigation lawyers are invariably preoccupied with their case and frequently have neither time nor skill set to attend to the needs of nervous and apprehensive witnesses.

The value of a calm and well supported witness cannot be overstated. I unreservedly recommend Rebecca and the service she provides.
— Andrew Harris QC 2014 Adelaide

Thank you so much for your help in this matter, it is much appreciated.     

I will definitely keep you in mind for future clients as I think the service you provide is important and worthwhile. 

— Karina Huddleston -lawyer,
Duncan Basheer Hannon


Our sincerest and heartfelt thanks for your invaluable support, guidance, compassion and understanding over the past year and particularly throughout the trial.  Thank you for helping us to understand the legal processes and most importantly for making us feel like we matter.  

Your support meant so much to us. 

— Defendant District Court - Adelaide 2018


I wanted to thank you for your support in preparing me for court.  Your support really made a difference and made the whole experience less harrowing.   

Just understanding the process.   Familiarity was the biggest thing for me.   The environment.  The fact I had been there before and it wasn't unknown territory.    

You feel vulnerable at a professional and personal level. You are on show.

— Witness 2014